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You Have Options

To help budget heating costs, Dead River Company offers a range of payment options to fit your lifestyle—to include price protection and monthly budget plans. Your Customer Service Representative will be happy to guide you in choosing the plan that works best for your energy budget.


EasyCAP spreads annual heating costs over predictable monthly payments. If rates rise, you won’t pay more than your CAP price. If they fall, you pay the lower price. There is a fee associated with this level of protection.

Equal Payment Plan

Similar to EasyCAP, the Equal Payment Plan spreads your annual heating costs over predictable monthly payments but does not offer price protection. There is no fee associated with this option.

Fixed Price Budget Plan

Purchase a set number of gallons for the heating season at a fixed price per gallon. Your total heating cost is then divided into equal, predictable monthly payments. You pay the same fixed price per delivery – regardless of whether prices fall or rise.

Prepaid Fixed Price Plan

Pay ahead for the number of gallons you wish to purchase for the season at a fixed price per gallon. For each delivery, you’ll pay the same fixed price per gallon for the number of gallons purchased—whether prices go up or down.

Compare Plans

Whether you want to prepay for a fixed number of gallons, or you want the protection of paying no more than a capped price, Dead River Company has an option for you.


Equal Payment Plan

Fixed Price Budget

Prepaid Fixed Price

Monthly Payments

Predictable monthly payment amounts.


Prepay all gallons up front.

CAP Pricing

Never pay more than the CAP Price, and if fuel prices fall below the CAP, you’ll pay the lower price — guaranteed.

Fixed Prices

Lock into a fixed price and pay the same price per gallon regardless of whether prices go up or down.

Price Protection Fee

Pay a fee to safeguard your price.

Day-of Retail Price

You’ll be charged the retail price on the day of delivery.

Gallon Estimation

Predict the number of gallons that you need and then contract for these gallons at the fixed price.

Price Guarantee

All gallons purchased, whether higher or lower than estimated, are covered by the CAP Price.

Automatic Delivery

Get peace of mind knowing you don’t have to monitor your fuel gauge or call us for a delivery.

Plan offered for Heating Oil and Kerosene.

Plan offered for Propane.

Credit Terms

Dead River Company offers 30-day credit terms for fuel deliveries and service. Subject to credit approval. 

Plan wisely with our Monthly Payment Estimator

Our estimator tool is designed to calculate approximate EasyCAP monthly payments.

Put away the checkbook and stamps

Via MyAccount, you can set up to have your monthly budget payments automatically deducted from your bank account or charged to your credit card each month.

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Dead River Company is here and ready when you need us. We’ve built our business on a promise to deliver unmatched service—and as our customer, that’s just what you’ll get.

Manage costs with a payment plan

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