Renewable Propane

The future of propane

Conventional propane has long been considered a greener alternative to other energy sources. The propane industry is taking it a step further with renewable propane—a non-fossil fuel composed of 100% renewable materials for an even cleaner-burning future.

Carbon Neutral

As a carbon-neutral fuel, renewable propane is derived from renewable feedstocks. 

Reduced Landfill Waste

Renewable propane prevents cooking oils and animal fats from becoming long-term landfill waste.

Easy Integration

Conventional and renewable propane are molecularly identical and can be used interchangeably in the same equipment.


Like conventional propane, renewable propane is safe, energy-efficient, and low maintenance.

Greener Transportation

Vehicles powered by renewable propane autogas can emit up to 43% less greenhouse gas emissions.

How renewable propane is made

Renewable propane is chemically identical to conventional propane but produced from renewable feedstock—a more eco-friendly energy source.

Renewable Feedstock

Renewable propane is made primarily from animal fats, plant and vegetable oils, agricultural waste, and used cooking oil. Often a co-product of biodiesel production, renewable propane helps divert byproducts from otherwise going to waste. 

Crop Feedstock

Renewable propane is also produced with camelina sativa—a non-food seed oil in the mustard family that doesn't compete with food production. Renewable propane made from camelina oil has a lower carbon footprint than the electric grid in 49 states.

Make the switch to propane

While our sights are set on renewable propane, conventional propane remains a preferred energy source for homes and businesses. It’s convenient, efficient, and produces less greenhouse gas emissions than other leading fuel sources.

A few words from our customers

[Following] a recent purchase of a new home, we decided to convert to propane. Dead River has provided excellent service and their staff is outstanding. We love our new propane system, product delivery, and very nice customer service. Thank You DR.

Kristin C.

Groton NH

A few words from our customers

I built my first home last year, and every single interaction I've had with a Dead River Company representative in person and on the phone since contacting you for propane installation has been top notch.

Whitney M.

Oakland ME

A few words from our customers

Today I had a gas range and propane tank installed by one of your technicians. The technician has been knowledgeable, helpful, and courteous. You won't find a better company for quick, reliable service. It is a pleasure to do business with them! Cheers,

Peter H.

Boothbay Harbor, ME

A few words from our customers

I had a lot of questions about the cost and process for transitioning from one propane supplier to another, replacing an aged tank, and a pre-buy contract. Every interaction, from management to office staff to technician, was polite, informed, and productive.

Sheila M.

Brattleboro VT

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