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Keep your system running like new

Whether your system is brand new or decades old, regular system maintenance helps keep it up and running at peak performance while saving you money in the long run.

Avoid surprises with annual tune-ups

We put our heating systems to the test in New England—the average system runs more than 1,000 hours each season. Annual tune-ups reduce the chances of a system breakdown while offering peace of mind in knowing your system is clean, tuned, and ready to go.

Why Get a Tune-Up?

No matter how new or old your heating system is, it will benefit from an annual tune-up—here’s why.

Improved Efficiency

A well-tuned system uses less fuel to achieve the same level of warmth and comfort. It also produces cleaner emissions.

Money Saved

A tune-up can reduce heating bills by up to 5% by reducing the amount of fuel your heating system uses.

Improved Reliability

Your Dead River Company technician will replace any worn parts, so you can rest easy knowing your system will keep you toasty all winter.

It’s time for your tune-up—here’s what to expect

  • When scheduling, you’ll be given a two-hour arrival time window for your technician.
  • If you have pets, please be sure they’re in a safe location away from the technician.
  • If you have made previous arrangements, such as leaving a basement door open, please remember to do so.
  • If you have requested a preferred technician, we will do our best to honor that.
  • We will send you a text or email reminder of your appointment.  When scheduling your appointment just let us know where you’d like the reminder sent.
  • Automated reminders to schedule your next annual tune-up are available via MyAccount.

Superior service, anytime you need it

We want you to feel taken care of. That’s why we offer comprehensive service plans that include covering some (or all) parts and labor costs, 24/7 no-heat, no-hot water emergency assistance, and more.

Service plans for propane & heating oil

Dead River Company offers a range of service plans to keep your system running at peak performance all year long. In many cases, heating equipment warranties require annual servicing.

If your burner fails to operate: Checklist

  • Be sure the emergency shut-off switch is on. The switch is often located at the top of the basement stairs and has a red switch plate.

  • Ensure the thermostat is working and set above room temperature.

  • Press the reset button on the relay only once and wait up to 45 seconds for the oil burner to start.

  • Read the gauge to ensure there’s fuel in the tank.

  • If the oil burner doesn’t start, check for a blown or loose fuse or tripped circuit breaker.

  • If your system has a wall vent outside, be sure the area is clear of snow.

  • If the oil burner still hasn’t started, call for prompt service.

  • If it’s after business hours, and you’re a current Dead River Company customer in need of Emergency Service, please contact your local office, and we’ll get back to you within an hour of your after-hours service call—guaranteed.

Dead River Company approaching home door for inspection

When you call on us, we’ll be there.

Dead River Company is here and ready when you need us. We’ve built our business on a promise to deliver unmatched service—and as our customer, that’s just what you’ll get.