Payment Plan Disclosure

A Budget Plan is a way to spread your annual heating costs into predictable equal monthly payments instead of paying larger amounts in winter months and lower amounts (if any) in summer months. Upon enrollment, Dead River Company (DRC) will estimate your annual usage in gallons and multiply that by the price per gallon that you will be paying or are likely to pay (if you’re not on a fixed price plan). DRC will divide that number by the number of months remaining in the plan (which depends on enrollment month) – this will determine your monthly payment amount. 

The April invoice (due in May) is referred to as the “Settlement Month” invoice. If over the course of the program season, the total cost of your deliveries is more than what you have made in monthly payments, you will be billed for the balance in the April invoice. If the cost of your deliveries is less than what you have paid, you will have a credit balance at the end of the season. You may contact your local office to discuss your credit balance options.