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Propane Boilers and Furnaces

Servicing Propane Boilers & Furnaces

Propane – The “Green” Energy

Converting to propane offers many advantages for your home, energy budget and the environment.

Propane – Clean-Burning, Energy-Efficient

Dead River Company offers and installs propane central heating systems with an AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) of up to 95%. This number represents the percentage of the fuel that’s converted to heat rather than being lost up the chimney or through other inefficiencies.

These energy-efficient propane systems can help you reduce your overall consumption and heating costs—year after year. Every boiler or furnace installation includes a free initial year of the SharePlus Service Plan, which covers the cost of your annual servicing—recommended by manufacturers even for new systems.

What Are The Advantages Of Converting To Propane?

Upgrading your current home heating system to a clean-burning, energy efficient propane heating system is becoming the choice of homeowners—and for good reasons!

For the environment

  • Propane is considered a “green” energy, producing significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to many other energy sources.
  • Propane is non-poisonous and non-toxic, so it won't contaminate soil or groundwater.
  • Propane is abundant and produced domestically.

For your home

  • Propane heating systems take up significantly less space than a traditional heating oil system.
  • Propane heating systems require less maintenance.
  • Propane is exceptionally versatile—fueling more than your furnace or boiler. It can be used for cooking, heating water, space heating, outdoor living and much more.

Furnace or Boiler: What’s the Difference?

While most people use the generic term “furnace” when they’re talking about their home heating system, there’s actually a difference between a furnace and a boiler. Simply put, furnaces heat air and boilers heat water. 

  • Homes with a furnace have ducts throughout the house, which get the warmed air from the furnace to each room. 
  • Homes with a boiler have pipes throughout the house—leading to baseboard, radiators or radiant floor systems in each room. 

Start With a Free Estimate

When you request a free estimate, our Residential Energy Advisors will guide you through every step of the process: from deciding whether propane or heating oil is the right choice for your family, to discussing which brand and system to install—and even helping identify the most current government tax credits and manufacturer rebates.