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Wholesale Services

Supply to meet your demand

Wholesale propane & heating oil facilities

Wholesale Services—With the Supply to Meet Your Demand

Dead River Company’s Wholesale Fuels division offers secure and reliable supply options for all your product needs—including propane, heating oil and gasoline. Our in-house procurement and hedging expertise allows us to offer you real-time market intelligence, a variety of pricing terms, and purchasing options beyond simply daily rack posting. View our Security of Supply Map.

Single Point of Contact, Dedicated to Your Business

As our Wholesale Partner, you’ll benefit from the convenience of a single point of contact dedicated to your business. You’ll have greater peace of mind, knowing answers to your questions are just a phone call away. With a deep understanding of your business and the petroleum industry, we’re able to offer valuable advice, dependable service, and a pricing advantage. 

35 Million Gallons—and the Infrastructure to Get it to You 

Across our multi-state footprint, Dead River Company has over 70 bulk distillate and propane storage facilities that store in excess of 35 million gallons at any one time. Included in this infrastructure are six proprietary rail terminals and several large-scale distillate terminals—as well as a deep-water marine terminal, which we own and operate on the coast of Maine. This substantial infrastructure ensures the product you need will be delivered where it’s needed, when it’s needed. 

Dependable Transport, Because We Own the Fleet

Dead River Company operates our own over-the-road transportation division with over 30 transport carriers, which means we’re 100% self-reliant when it comes to getting product to its final destination. We can strategically route deliveries to and from our bulk facilities to meet your demands.

Ready, Reliable—and Close By

As a Wholesale partner, you can depend on Dead River Company for competitive prices, reliable service and decades of experience—all working for you. Contact our Wholesale Team for more information.