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America’s approach to fuel consumption is undergoing a change. Fleet and business managers like you are looking for better, cheaper, greener ways to power their fleets. And American-made propane autogas may be the answer. Best of all, your current fleet of gasoline and diesel vehicles can be upgraded to run off propane autogas, while still using their original fuel source as a backup. 

Why use Propane Autogas?

  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Reduced down time
  • Affordable & flexible infrastructure
  • Dual fuel flexibility & security
  • Powerful in cold weather
  • Safe & quiet
  • Clean energy
  • American made
  • Reduced diesel exhaust

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Whether it's for advice on how to reduce energy consumption, address the need for on-site refueling station, or have access to a public fueling station, when it comes to propane autogas, Dead River Company can deliver.

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School Bus Safety & Propane Autogas

Learn how Boston Public Schools have dramatically reduced their fleet maintenance, increased cost savings on fuel, and made a positive impact on the environment by upgrading their fleet to include propane autogas school buses.

Compare Your Costs

In addition to being more environmentally friendly, propane autogas provides the lowest total cost-of-ownership compared with other fuels. Determine the cost and return on investment of implementing propane autogas vehicles into your fleet by visiting Propane Education & Research Council's calculator.

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