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Compressed Natural Gas

Dead River Company truck delivering CNG

Through a partnership with Xpress Natural Gas (XNG), Dead River Company offers compressed natural gas (CNG) to our commercial and institutional customers across central, northern and eastern Maine, who use at least 75,000 gallons of heating oil annually.

What is CNG?

CNG is natural gas that has been compressed at high pressure and stored and transported at ambient temperature using pressurized tanks. After Dead River Company delivers CNG by truck to your site, the gas is depressurized to create a reliable, consistent supply at a constant pressure to meet your operation needs—just like a pipeline.

CNG is odorless, colorless, noncorrosive, noncombustible, nontoxic and clean. In the event of any accidental release, CNG is lighter than air, so it quickly dissaptes, leaving no residue and requiring no environmental cleanup.

How CNG is delivered

Using Dead River Company trucking solutions, CNG will be delivered to your business in a mobile storage trailer that remains on your site until it’s time to switch over for incoming supply. 

Once on site, the mobile storage trailer is connected to a manifold system. The system uses pressure regulators to step down the pressure and automatically manage the flow of fuel through a trim heater that warms the gas as it expands for use in your operation.

After your facility is connected to CNG, we meter the gas and provide 24-hour flow and pressure monitoring. In addition to oversight, we also train your employees and first responders in all operational and safety procedures. Noncombustible and nontoxic, CNG requires no environmental cleanup in the event of an accidental release.

Converting to CNG with Dead River Company

You can depend on us for expert advice about converting your business operation to using CNG. We’ll work closely with you to maintain an appropriate volume of CNG on site at all times and ensure delivery. Dead River Company has the experienced technicians, licensed tractor-trailer drivers, and knowledgeable support staff to ensure a 24/7 continuous supply of CNG to your business.

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