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Browse the Dead River Company video gallery for energy-efficiency, safety, and cost saving tips, as well as learn about our residential and commercial services. Scroll down to view all videos or use the links to go to a specific video:


10 Things to Prepare Your Home for Winter
Learn about ten things you can do to get your home ready for winter.


Annual Tune Up
Learn more about the benefits of an annual tune up – because there’s nothing like the peace of mind that comes from knowing your system is clean, tuned and ready to go.


Automatic Delivery is Peace of Mind
With automatic delivery of heating oil and propane to your home, you never have to check your tank levels, schedule deliveries, or worry about running out.


Benefits of Converting to Propane - Commercial
Propane has become a leader in the market because it offers a number of key advantages over other fuels, including lower emissions and proven performance.


Business Partner - Single Point of Contact
With the convenience of a project manager dedicated to your business, you'll have peace of mind knowing the answers to your questions are just a phone call away.


Business Partners
True partnership means dependability. We are here for you and your clients—providing fuel, service and peace of mind.


Care About the Company You Keep
Our commitment to caring comes through in each fuel delivery, service appointment and customer interaction. When you choose Dead River Company, you’re choosing a home heating provider made up of caring employees.


Care About the Company You Keep - General Manager
When you care about service. Melissa is focused on doing what’s right by her customers and her employees. This commitment to caring comes through in her thoroughness and thoughtful advice she offers.


Care About the Company You Keep - Service Technician
When you care about expertise. When Steve pulls his service van into the driveway, he knows his heating equipment expertise puts his customers at ease. They know he's experienced, trustworthy and will do the job right the first time.


Careers - Day in the Life of a Delivery Driver


Careers - Day in the Life of a Manager


Careers - Day in the Life of a Service Technician


Careers - Working at Dead River Company


Commercial Services - Relationship
We’ve built our relationships on trust—earning a reputation for being responsible and dependable for over a century.


Delivery Safety
One of our Delivery Drivers, Brandon, explains when will call customers should call ahead for their delivery and highlights important safety aspects for both our customers and employees.


Fuel Your Love 2023
Fuel Your Love is an annual event organized by Maine Energy Marketer's Association to spread the love on Valentine's Day by topping off some customers heating fuel tanks. This is Dead River Company's 7th year participating in this fun, heartwarming event!


How to Read Your Tank Gauge
By regularly checking your fuel level, you'll know you'll never run out. These tips will let you know if you're half full, a quarter full, or near empty.


Lifecycle of A Delivery
One of our Delivery Center Managers, Bob, explains our delivery process, from the time an order is received from the time the product arrives in your tank.


Order & Pay for Fuel Online
Ordering your next delivery just got even easier.


Propane Can Do It All
Propane is the most versatile fuel for your home. Learn more about how propane can power your home, indoors and out, all year round.


Propane Safety
Propane is one of the safest fuel options, but of course, it is a fuel and it's important to know these safety tips.


Save Money All Summer Long
There are a few simple things you can do to make a big difference in your summer energy bills. Save money and enjoy a more comfortable summer with these tips.


Save Money All Winter Long
There are some easy things you can do to lower your winter energy bills. Save money and enjoy a warmer home with these changes.


TechTalks #1 - Your Home Heating Questions Answered
We want all homeowners to be as informed as possible, so even if you’ve never thought about your heating system, tune in and learn about oil tanks, water temperature issues, and all things home heating.


TechTalks #2 - Heating Efficiency, Weird Noises & More
The things that go bump in the night? That’s just a steam radiator, and there might be something you can do about that. We’ll also answer questions about different heating fuels, efficiency, and more.


TechTalks #3 - All Things Propane Heating
As more homes convert to propane, more homeowners have propane questions. We’ll answer questions about gas shut-offs, gauges, conversion and the curious “sandwich effect.”


TechTalks #4 - The Right (Heating) Equipment for the Job
Heating equipment has changed a lot over the years, and our technicians have seen it all. In this video, we’ll answer questions about how different systems impact the heat in your home and how long most equipment lasts.


TechTalks #5 - Heating System Maintenance & Repairs
In New England, we put our heating systems through about as much abuse as they can take. Whether it’s routine maintenance, or responding to an emergency - service calls are how we make a direct impact for customers when they need us.


TechTalks #6 - Home Heating, Season to Season
Winters are long in New England, but that doesn’t mean our heating systems aren’t doing anything in Spring, Summer, and Fall. We’re answering your seasonal home heating questions.


TechTalks #7 - Getting Technical with Heating Technicians
When it comes to home heating, we can go on and on. We’re answering your miscellaneous and technical questions in this last video of the series, but that doesn’t mean we’re done answering questions. Our teams will continue to provide the service our customers rely on, and we’re always here to answer any questions you may have - just contact your local Dead River Company office.


The Moments That Matter
At Dead River Company, delivering on a promise is not just a tagline; it’s what we do each day. From on-time propane and fuel oil deliveries, to skilled heating equipment servicing, to caring customer support; we worry about the heat so you don’t have to.


Veterans at Dead River Company
Choose an organization that recognizes and values your military service. Choose Dead River Company.


Veterans Working at Dead River Company
Dead River Company makes a concerted effort to both recruit and retain military veterans. With over 10% of our employees being veterans, we know that your military experience aligns well with the company’s core values of Integrity, Caring and Excellence – and that you will deliver as an employee for us just as much as we will deliver as an employer for you.


We Put the Pro in Propane
In the middle of cold New England winters, there’s nothing like the peace of mind that comes from getting your propane delivered by the pros -- effortlessly and reliably. Over the decades of being in the fuel business, Dead River Company has earned a reputation for providing prompt, professional propane delivery service. We've proven ourselves to be the pros in propane.


What We Do
It's not your job to think about the heat. It's ours.


Will Call - Plan Ahead
For those who prefer to manage their own deliveries, order and pay for your next delivery online in just a few simple clicks.


Winter Thank You
Our employees extend their heartfelt thanks for your patience and for trusting us to keep you and your family warm.


Why Upgrade to Propane?
Propane can be one of the smartest investments you can make in your home. These are just a few reasons why.