Navigating Transition

5 Things to Consider When Selling Your Business

Navigating transition

You’ve made numerous business decisions to get your company to where it is today. And as you know, navigating transition into the future is a complex process and one of your most important business decisions yet. It’s not only a numbers game. It’s about your customers and employees and getting it done the best possible way. An experienced buyer – like Dead River Company – can offer guidance to help you make an informed decision.

Navigating Transition 1

Make Sure Your Employees & Customers are a Priority.

You’re in the people business—and have grown your company by valuing every employee and respecting each customer. As you transition your business, it’s important that your prospective buyer values them in the same way. 

Often during acquisitions, employees and customers will voice concern about their future. You want to be able to reassure them with confidence that they are in good hands.

With roots deep in New England, Dead River Company was founded over 100 years. Over that century, we’ve earned a reputation for being trustworthy, caring and dependable. 

We prove our loyalty to our customers and employees every day, from delivering excellent customer service to offering comprehensive employee benefits. Because employees know we care, they are engaged—continually developing their skills as we grow.

Navigating Transition 2

Find the Right Team to Guide You.

As one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make—both as a business owner and personally—it’s imperative that you are able to move forward with confidence. The road ahead may be daunting, but an experienced buyer can help make a smooth and efficient transition.

Look for a team that not only has the skills and expertise to guide you through the process, but can also provide honest advice and acknowledge any concerns or questions you have along the way.

With our team-oriented approach, our experience allows us to simplify and expedite the process for you. Dead River Company has acquired over 50 companies in the past 25 years.

Because we have the right resources in place and a team dedicated to valuations and the integration process, we can guarantee knowledgeable and prompt responses to questions that come up.

Navigating Transition 3

Know How to Value Your Business.

Selling a business is often an emotional venture, so getting a professional valuation can help you realize your expectations. Detailing how all the factors contribute to the value of your business will help add credibility to your asking price and help you gauge your business in the marketplace.

Dead River Company is aggressive with putting a value on businesses—and we have sharply honed our experience and skill at valuation. Often, we’re able to complete the valuation process in just a few weeks.

Our history of satisfied sellers is the greatest source of confidence for prospective sellers. We actively pursue acquisitions of companies that align with our values as part of our larger business strategy—and are always looking to grow within and beyond our current footprint.

Navigating Transition 4

It’s a Complex Process. We Are Here To Help You Navigate.

Whether this is your first time selling, or you’re a seasoned professional, the process of selling your business is a complex one. It’s critical that you always feel informed, empowered and in control of the acquisition process.

To help you navigate the road ahead, be sure to work with a buyer that is aligned with your values and is able to help guide you honestly and confidentially with any questions or concerns you may have.

Through our size, our relationship with financial institutions and our proven track record, Dead River Company is, first and foremost, financially capable of making the purchase. Our expertise gives us the know-how to grow the businesses we purchase.

Because we have the right resources in place and a team dedicated to valuations and the integration process, we can guarantee knowledgeable and prompt responses to questions that come up. Our dedicated professionals have the experience and skills to ensure a smooth transaction and seller transition.

Navigating Transition 5

Above All, Trust Your Gut.

Selling your business can be one of the most serious decisions you’ll ever make. Bottom line, you need to feel good about the company that’s buying yours. The values you built your company on should be aligned with your buyer.

Know why you’re selling, and how you want your legacy to live on, so you can be clear your buyer is the right buyer for you. The process might have its ups and downs, but you should always feel confident in your buyer.

Dead River Company’s core values are integrity, caring and excellence. We respect the legacy of those companies we purchase, and have the highest standards for customer care and employee satisfaction.

We understand and respect the confidential nature of a purchase, and honor the seller’s need for utmost privacy.

Work with an experienced buyer. We assure a thoughtfully planned and executed transition for you, your employees and customers. Call Griffin Sharp or Jeremy Young at 1-800-287-5841.

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