Branded and Unbranded Gasoline

Pumping gasoline into a car

Since 1936, Dead River Company has been a motor fuels distributor serving all of Maine. Today, we provide premium gasolines and diesel fuels to customers in four states, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Vermont, representing Shell, Sunoco, Gulf, and unbranded product supply with an unequaled commitment to quality.

Our extensive transport fleet hauls quality fuels from marine terminals up and down the New England Coast, as well as branded rack operations in Bangor and Albany. With the latest tank-to-transport communication technologies, we can assure our customers of responsive delivery intervals 24/7.

In addition to assisting our resellers with efficient deliveries and competitive pricing, Dead River Company can handle branding conversion projects for our customers, improving the appearance of the site with the latest images available from our branded fuel partners. During these challenging business times, partnering with Shell, Sunoco, or Gulf provides a level of support sought by many resellers.

Dead River Company is also a large-scale commercial fuels supplier with an extensive list of unbranded gasoline and diesel fuel options for farm operations and other customers that own their own tanks. We are also a licensed ValvTect Marine fuel supplier for Maine, serving both fresh water and salt water marinas around the state.

Dead River Company’s Transport Division can be your bulk fuel hauler for gasoline, distillates, and propane as our modern fleet of tri-axle trailers serves all of northern New England.

To learn more about any of our fuel brands, becoming a reseller with us, or to ask about doing any large scale business with Dead River Company’s Wholesale Division, please contact us.