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Considering Natural Gas?

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Ask the Tough Questions

Every day, Dead River Company works with our customers to help them make informed energy-saving decisions. If you’re considering switching to natural gas, ask the tough questions and be sure you get all the facts. 

Will converting to natural gas save me money?

If you currently heat with oil, in order to reap the highest stated natural gas savings, you’ll need to convert your home’s central heating system to a high efficiency natural gas system—which is typically an investment of $9,000 or more. At today’s prices, it could take decades to recoup your investment.

Is natural gas “green?”

Natural gas is methane—a greenhouse gas. Propane, on the other hand, is considered “green energy”. It burns cleaner than natural gas, helping to reduce your carbon footprint. Propane is also energy efficient and incredibly versatile.

What if I want to keep my provider options open?

Similar to your cable service, Maine’s natural gas markets offer little to no competition. In Maine, there are hundreds of heating oil and propane providers, providing you with options. Dead River Company is competitively priced and committed to being there when you need us.

Will I still get the same level of service if I switch to natural gas?

In Maine, natural gas companies do not install or service heating equipment, nor are they the ones you call if there’s ever a gas leak in your home. Dead River Company is a family-owned, full-service company that’s been part of the local community for over a century. This means reliable deliveries, responsive service and a commitment to our customers, friends and neighbors.

Oil vs. Natural Gas Conversion Calculator

There’s never been a better time to be an oil customer. Take a moment to enter your own figures into our calculator to compare annual fuel costs of oil versus natural gas. You can also estimate how long it would take to recoup your conversion investment.

Oil vs. Natural Gas Conversion Calculator

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*This calculator is for estimation purposes only and currently includes Maine natural gas utilities only. Please note some cells are auto-populated with figures based on averages, you can overwrite with your actual figures. Natural gas costs are estimated based on a typical heating usage pattern and a weighted average of the published rates over the past 12 months (as rates can fluctuate monthly). Annual natural gas cost includes converting gallons to therms, gas cost, distribution and monthly service charge.

Start Saving with a Free Consultation 

Tell us your energy saving goals and our Residential Energy Advisors will recommend solutions that will reduce your fuel consumption, lower your heating bills and provide you with the reliable, personalized service you deserve. Contact us today.