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Special Offer for New Home Heating Customers

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With decades of proven dependability, responsiveness and commitment to quality customer service, Dead River Company is the reliable, local fuel provider delivering comfort and peace of mind one gallon at a time.

Whether you heat with propane, heating oil, or kerosene, you can depend on Dead River Company to be there when you need us.

Make the Switch Today!

Receive a $150 account credit* when you open a new, residential, automatic delivery central heat propane, heating oil, or kerosene account. 

At the time of account opening, you also can take advantage of special discounted prepaid fixed pricing for your first heating season. Offer available through August 31, 2017.

In addition to timely propane, heating oil, and kerosene deliveries, Dead River Company can also service and maintain your home heating equipment to ensure it runs safely and efficiently. As a new home heating customer, you also have the choice of taking $100 off a Service Plan on qualifying systems for one year or $50 off an Annual Tune-Up.

To open an account, please complete and submit this form, or call us at 1-855-317-4837.

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Delivery Placement

As if you were facing the front of your home from the street, please select from the “Fill Pipe or Tank Location” drop down the location the best describes where your fill pipe or propane tank is located.

If you cannot see the front of your home from the street, look at the image as if coming up your driveway and select the location closest to your fill pipe.

*To take advantage of the account credit and special discounted prepaid fixed pricing offers, you must open a qualifying account by August 31, 2017. Special discounted prepaid fixed pricing is for your initial heating season (9/1/17—5/31/18) with Dead River Company. Only applies to new residential automatic delivery central heat heating oil customers and new residential automatic delivery propane accounts that use 501+ gallons of propane per year. For the offer to apply, accounts are required to be opened and remain on automatic delivery for the duration of at least one year. Account credit is non-transferable, cannot be combined with other new customer offers, and has no cash value. Terms and conditions apply. Contact Dead River Company for complete details.