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We take clean, healthy drinking water seriously

Our licensed and experienced technicians use the latest technology in water treatment and purification.

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We offer whole home well water treatment

Removal of arsenic, radon, uranium, iron, manganese, bacteria, odor and hardness – for private & public water systems.

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We eliminate embarrassing smells and purify your water

We remove odor & iron stains from your water, along with harmful contaminants like arsenic, radon and bacteria.

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Are you 100% sure your untested well water is clean?

Treating and filtering your water helps address contamination risks; and it keeps your family healthy.

About Dunbar Water

Dunbar Water takes the science of water treatment and purification seriously and is committed to helping you gain an understanding of the elements that make up the water in your home. We offer whole house water treatment and purification systems, installation and service, replace pressure tanks, and offer after-hours support.

Using untested well water could lead to more than just an embarrassing taste, smell or appearance. It may contain contaminants such as radon, arsenic, uranium or various forms of harmful bacteria. Since water plays such a vital role in our daily lives, our licensed and experienced technicians address these risks with the latest technology in water treatment and filtration.

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  • Less than half of wells have been tested

    Did you know?

    More than 50% of Maine homeowners have a private well, but less than half have been tested for harmful contaminants.

  • Water treatment can give you peace of mind

    Did you know?

    The average family of four uses 400 gallons of water per day. A water treatment system can give you peace of mind that your water is safe.

  • Radon in water is prevalent in Maine

    Did you know?

    1 in 5 Maine homes is affected by high levels of radon in water. You can't see, taste, or smell radon, but it poses a serious health risk.

  • Refrigerator water filters do not purify your water

    Did you know?

    Refrigerator water filters do not purify your water of harmful contaminants; they only assist with taste and odor issues.

  • 19% of your home's well water is used for the baths and showers your family takes

    Did you know?

    Blue or green staining around your drain is a sign that your pH is too low and leaching copper from your pipes.

  • The CDC recommends testing your well water once a year

    Did you know?

    1 in 8 Maine wells contain arsenic levels above the federal safety standard, leaving 100,000 Maine people with unsafe water.

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