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EasyPAY Online Billing & Payment Service

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EasyPay FAQ

How do I sign up to pay my bill online?

When will my EasyPAY log in information (Email address and Password) be activated?

When can I start making online payments?

If I sign up for EasyPAY will I continue to receive a paper bill in the mail?

How do I sign up to receive EasyPAY notifications via text message?

How do I inactivate my EasyPAY account?

What happens to automatic payments if I cancel my EasyPAY account?

Why can’t I see my current account balance?  


What types of payment methods are accepted through EasyPAY?

How do I make a payment?

Can I establish regularly scheduled payments?

Can I make a payment at any time; on any account?

When will my payment be processed?

How do I know which payments I've scheduled or completed?

Can I cancel a scheduled payment?

What if I forget my log on Email or Password?

How do I change the email address associated with my EasyPAY account?

How do I change my bank account information?

What happens to scheduled payments if I delete the bank account that was used to set up the payment?
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