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Energy-Saving Tips

At Dead River Company, we're dedicated to keeping our customers warm and comfortable throughout the year. To help you stay warm for less, here's a checklist of simple and economical solutions to help make your home more energy-efficient. There are a number of ways to save on energy costs, so check back for more energy-saving solutions.  If you have a specific question about making your home's heating system more efficient, submit your question to Ask the Expert.
No Cost
  • Lower the thermostat on your hot water heater to 120°F.
  • Save while you're away- If you plan on being away for three or more days, turn your hot water heater to the lowest temperature setting.
  • Let the sunshine in!  Take advantage of natural heat provided by the sun. Open drapes on the south side of your home during winter days and close them at night. Sun angles are low in winter, allowing substantial solar heating through all south facing windows.
  • Decorate with insulating drapes- Install tight fitting, insulating drapes or shades on windows that still feel drafty after weatherizing. 

 Low Cost

  • Seal leaks- About 1/3 of hot (or cold) air escapes through leaks and cracks. Some of the quickest dollar-saving tasks you can do are caulk, seal and weatherstrip seams and cracks in your ceilings, walls and floors. Weather-strip doors and windows, and caulk air leaks around windows, door frames, pipes, and ducts.  By sealing leaks, you can cut your heating bills up to 10%.  
  • Insulate windows- Use clear plastic sheets to insulate windows during the heating season. Savings: 2% -7% of heating/cooling costs.
  • Seal off receptacles- Seal off electric receptacles and switch boxes with foam gaskets or fiberglass insulation. Savings: 1% -3% of heating/cooling costs.
  • Insulate pipes- Insulate hot water pipes that provide heat to the rooms in your home. This will reduce heat loss in un-insulated areas and will help your heating system work more efficiently.
  • Tune-ups- Make sure your boiler or furnace is cleaned and tuned up annually. Tune-ups substantially extend the life of your heating system while ensuring that it's operating safely and efficiently. And it can save up to 5% on fuel costs.
  • Install a programmable thermostat- This puts the heating system on an automatic schedule: full heat during hours when the home is active and reduced heat when the house is empty or the family is asleep. Over an 8-hour period, a savings of as much as 1% can be gained for each degree that you set your thermostat back.

Good Investments

  • Cover water heater- Properly covering your water heater tank with a blanket that has an insulating value of at least R-8, could save you 4-9% in water heating costs. Please check the tank's manufacturer warranty before adding an insulation blanket.
  • Storm doors- They prevent warm air from escaping to the outside. Remember to remove window air conditioners in the winter, if possible. If not possible, use an insulated cover. This tip could save you up to 15% on your heating costs.
  • Repair holes- Repair any holes in your roof, walls, doors, ceilings, windows and floors. Savings: Up to 10% of heating/cooling costs.
  • Upgrade your heating system- If you have an older heating system, you could lower your fuel cost by as much as 30% by installing a new energy-efficient heating system.  That's a return on investment that keeps paying off year after year.
    Insulate- Insulate attic access and basement trap doors with R-19 insulation. Savings: 1% -3% of heating and cooling costs. Installing ceiling insulation to at least R-30 standards can cut your heating costs up to 25%. Finally, insulate walls, floors, and heating ducts. This keeps heat from escaping and makes your home more comfortable.
  • Boiler Controls- The latest microprocessor-based boiler reset control improves the efficiency of most oil-fired residential home heating boiler systems. This could result in up to 10% in fuel savings.  
  • Rinnai® Tankless Water Heater- Water heating can account for 14%-25% of the energy consumed in your home. With a Rinnai tankless water heater, you can enjoy up to 40% in energy savings.


Call Dead River Company for energy-saving solutions including upgrading water heaters and heating systems. Some upgrades may even be eligible for state-specific rebate programs and up to $1,500 in federal tax credits. Visit our Tax Credits and Rebates page for more information and for links to referring sites.

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