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Energy Efficiency Tour

Use Energy More Efficiently: A Room-by-Room Tour

Tour the Energy Efficiency House

Heating and cooling account for nearly half of the energy used in a typical home. On this virtual home tour, you will find a collection of tips to help you conserve energy and save money throughout your home.

To learn more about how Dead River Company can help you conserve on fuel consumption and make your heating system more efficient, please give us a call.

Any room

  • Use compact fluorescent lights. They last up to 10 - 13 times longer than standard bulbs and use 75% less energy.
  • Install dimmer switches. In addition to enhancing the mood, they'll extend the life of your bulbs and help you save up to 60% on your lighting costs.
  • Windows on the south side of the house get the most sunlight. Eastern windows get sunlight in the morning. West facing windows receive sunlight in the afternoon. Open shades and drapes during the daytime to let the sun's warmth enter your home, and close when the sun goes down.
Energy Efficiency

*"Other" represents an array of household appliances, including ranges, ovens, microwave ovens and other small appliances. Individually, these appliances account for no more than 2% of typical household energy.
Source: Energy Star and U.S. Department of Energy, 2004

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