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Service Plans

Options with comfort and your home's efficiency in mind

In a New England home, the typical heating system runs more than 1,000 hours every heating season. Like any mechanical system, it needs regular maintenance to run at its best. This assures dependability and efficiency. Whether you have a heating system fueled by heating oil, propane, or kerosene, the most cost-effective way to ensure you receive the most value for your home heating dollar is to enroll in a Dead River Company Service Plan. All of our plans guarantee responsive 24-hour emergency service. Every Dead River Company licensed technician is committed to serving you with great skill and expertise.

Service Plan
Service Plan
Service Plan
Includes full replacement of like heating unit at no additional cost X    
Covers the cost of most service parts and labor X X  
Covers the cost of an annual tune-up X X X
24-Hour responsive emergency service X X X
Available as a space heater or water heater plan     X
Divides the cost of most service parts and labor evenly with
Dead River Company
Can add TankSure Program with up to $1,800 tank replacement
Include in an eleven-month budget plan for approximately: $36 per month
including TankSure
$30 per month
including TankSure
$23 per month
Including TankSure
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