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Plumbing and Water Treatment

Is your water safe?
Check the quality and purity with a water treatment test. Contact us to schedule a free test.

You trust Dead River Company to keep your home warm, comfortable and energy-efficient. Did you also know that you can depend on us for plumbing and water treatment services?

Our services include:

  • All your home’s general plumbing needs, including plumbing fixture installation, sump pumps, water removal, and drainage system repair.
  • Home plumbing inspection.
  • Water treatment installation and service.
  • Water conservation solutions to help lower the amount of water you pump and save on every bills.
  • Well pump installation and related services.

Our on-staff licensed plumbers are available 24/7, and we guarantee to call you back within one hour of an emergency call placed.

Contact us today to learn more about our plumbing and water treatment services.

What is Water Treatment?

Water Treatment is a process used to make water safer for a desired end-use, like drinking or bathing. This includes the removal of contaminates, like arsenic, iron, or magnesium, from water through filtration, making the water more acceptable for human consumption.

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