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Heating System Evaluation

Staying warm and saving money.

Dead River Company believes we have a responsibility to help our customers reduce their fuel consumption and save on their annual energy costs. Through a free home heating system evaluation*, our trained professionals will evaluate your home's heating system's efficiency. During the evaluation we'll discuss:

  • Whether you're planning any future home renovations
  • Whether all the rooms in the home heat adequately.
  • Whether there's plenty of hot water.
  • Whether programmable thermostats or other energy-efficient solutions should be considered.

Addressing these topics and others will help establish what upgrades are needed to increase heating efficiency and reduce fuel consumption. To schedule your free home heating system evaluation, please contact your Dead River Company office or complete and submit this form:

*This evaluation is not a home energy audit. A home heating system evaluation is an efficiency test on an oil-fired boiler or furnace and assesses the heating system for upgrades or changes.

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