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24/7 Emergency Service

There when you need us.

Any time of the day or night, any day of the week, you can trust Dead River Company to be there when you need us. Whether it's a fuel oil or propane delivery or an emergency service call, you can depend on us for exceptional and responsive service.


If your burner fails to operate:

  • Be sure the oil burner switch is "On."
  • The thermostat should be set above the room temperature.
  • Press the reset button on the relay once only and wait for up to 45 seconds for the oil burner to start.
  • Read the gauge to make sure there is oil in the tank.
  • If the oil burner does not run at all, check for a blown or loose fuse or tripped circuit breaker.
  • If the oil burner fails to operate, call for prompt service.

If it is after business hours, and you are a current Dead River Company customer in need of Emergency Service, please contact your local Dead River Company office. We guarantee that our on-call technician will contact you within one hour of your after-hours service call.

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