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EasyPAY Online Billing & Payment Service

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Monthly Payment Plans

EasyCAP is the plan trusted to protect customers from volatile fuel prices.

  • A CAP price. Once your CAP price is set, you'll never pay more than the CAP throughout the program season. If our full-service fuel prices go below the CAP, you pay the lower price—guaranteed.  There is a fee for this level of price protection.
  • Equal monthly payments. To help you plan for and manage your household heating expenses, we spread your heating costs out over predictable, equal monthly payments.
  • All gallons are protected. There is no set number of gallons that you are required to purchase. If you need more gallons than estimated, your full-service price will be protected under the EasyCAP plan. If you use fewer gallons than estimated and you end the season with a credit balance, we will credit your account this amount for the following year. Or, if you prefer, we will send you a check.
  • Interest paid on your balance. You earn interest on credit balances.
  • Convenient automatic delivery. With automatic delivery, you don't have to worry about running out of fuel as we will schedule your deliveries accordingly.

Equal Payment Plan

The Equal Payment Plan offers monthly budget payments and covers all your heating season gallons, but it does not offer price protection.

Ready to help

If you'd like us to call you to review plan options, please Contact Us.

Click here to watch the EasyCAP Video FAQ.

In the state of NH, prepaid fixed price (a.k.a. prebuy) contracts are available each program season for a limited time only - beginning May 1st.
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