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Off-Peak Heating with Electric Thermal Storage (ETS)

Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) is the technology of converting off-peak electricity to heat and storing this low cost heat for use in satisfying comfort requirements of a home or business 24 hours a day.

An ETS system contains electric heating elements which lie within special, high-density ceramic bricks. These bricks are capable of storing vast amounts of heat for extended periods of time.

The heater's built-in room temperature thermostat is adjustable to your desired comfort level and will control the delivery of heat from the ETS heater. With a heat call from the thermostat, the fan will evenly and quietly distribute the stored heat in the bricks to satisfy comfort requirements.

ETS equipment is easy to operate and requires very little maintenance.

Electricity is less expensive when demand is low

Throughout the night when most are asleep, there is a significantly lower usage of electricity by consumers; these are referred to as "off-peak hours". During "off-peak hours," there is a reduced strain on electricity generation and distribution systems. The savings Utilities experience are generally passed on to customers through lower or discounted transmission and distribution (T&D) rates - or "Off-peak" rates.

During hours the utility company deems as off-peak, the electric elements generate the heat that will be stored in the bricks of the ETS Heating Systems. This stored heat is used to satisfy immediate heating requirements and to provide around-the-clock total comfort.

Electric Thermal Storage units are designed as both room units - to heat the room or area into which they are placed, and whole house heating systems. To learn more about which ETS unit is right for you, please contact us.

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