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Air Conditioning Services

Comfort and control in any room.

Cool comfort in any room

No matter what temperature the outdoor thermometer reads, Dead River Company provides year round comfort in any weather. A ductless air conditioner requires no ductwork, making it quick and easy to install.

This unit:

  • Uses only the exact amount of energy needed to maintain comfort
  • Is up to 40% more efficient than window units
  • Can be installed just about anywhere in a room
  • Is virtually silent and improves air quality
  • Can be installed with heat pump technology, which can reduce fuel consumption by as much as 30%

A ductless air conditioner with heat pump technology gives you precise temperature control even in spaces you thought would be impossible to fix. To learn how you can achieve consistent temperatures throughout the room as you are saving energy all year long, please contact Dead River Company for a free site visit and estimate.

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Educational Videos

Educational Videos    Educational Videos

Customer Testimonials

A Dead River customer in New Hampshire had this to say about their new Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioner:

"Thanks for your assistance in getting our house air conditioned last week!! The 2 ton Mitsubishi split unit that your engineer recommended is working out just great. The unit is extremely quiet and the house cools down quickly. [We] appreciate your willingness to mount it where we requested in the kitchen, rather than the "easy" route on an outside wall in the Great Room. I know it was a little more work to mount it on an inside wall, but we are so much happier with the end result. Your techs Danny and James were professional and should be commended for their good work."

What's 'ductless'?

Ductless mini-split heating and cooling systems are a smart alternative to central, forced air systems, as they do not require the use of air ducts.   Read more about ductless systems.


Glossary of Terms

Heat pump

An air-conditioning system can reverse the direction of refrigerant flow to provide either cooling or heating to the indoor space.


A term which stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning.

INVERTER Technology

Mitsubishi Electric's MUY, MUZ, MXZ and all P-Series outdoor units use INVERTER-driven compressor technology (Variable Frequency Drive) to provide exceptional indoor cooling and heating. By responding to indoor and outdoor temperature changes, these systems reduce power consumption by varying the compressor speed to meet load requirements providing for extra energy savings. The system operates only at the levels needed to maintain a constant and comfortable indoor environment.

Zone (zoning)

A single or multiple room space that is conditioned to a set temperature and is independent from other rooms within the same structure.         

*To receive the discount, equipment must be installed by September 1, 2014. Contact Dead River Company for complete details.

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