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Off-Peak Electricity

Utility companies - like Central Maine Power (CMP) and Emera Maine (formerly Bangor Hydro Electric) in Maine - offer lower or discounted electric distribution rates, commonly referred to as "Off-peak" rates. Throughout the night when most are asleep, there is a significantly lower usage of electricity by consumers; these are referred to as "off-peak- hours". During "off-peak hours," there is a reduced strain on electricity generation and distribution systems. The savings Utilities experience are generally passed on to customers through lower or discounted transmission and distribution (T&D) rates - or "Off-peak" rates.

As a Maine PUC approved Competitive Electricity Provider, Dead River Company sells both around-the-clock electricity, as well as off-peak electricity supply in the CMP and Emera Maine markets of Maine.

In Maine, off-peak electricity can be used to heat Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) units at rates that are comparable to fuel oil at $3.20/gallon.

To sign up to receive your electricity through Dead River Company, please complete and submit an online Electricity Enrollment form.

Important: If you'd like to enroll in our Electric Thermal Storage Rate to heat your ETS unit, you will first need to contact your utility company to establish an account for your ETS unit.

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