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Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) Room Heater

"The family room always seems colder than the rest of the house"
"That basement bedroom never warms up to the temperature we'd like"
"The den on the north side of the house is always chilly."
It seems that every home has a room or two like this. If you're looking to cut your overall heating bill by turning back the thermostat or if you're looking to supplement the heat in a room, consider the Steffes ETS Room Heater.

You'll enjoy around-the-clock warmth along with the benefits of an energy efficient system and the cost savings associated with heating with

How it works:
During the night, the Steffes ETS Room Heater automatically converts off-peak electricity to heat. This heat is stored in specially designed ceramic bricks until the thermostat calls for it.

Simply set the on-board digital thermostat to your desired temperature, and the ETS Room Heater will accurately deliver the amount of heat needed to maintain constant comfort. The ETS Room Heater automatically stores the right amount of heat based on outdoor temperature and the heating needs of your home.

As a Maine PUC approved Competitive Electricity Provider, Dead River Company sells both around-the-clock electricity, as well as the off-peak electricity supply. To sign up to have your electricity supplied by Dead River Company, please complete and submit an online Electricity Enrollment form.

To find out more about ETS heating systems contact Dead River Company.

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