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For remodeling projects big or small, the many benefits of propane appliances will appeal to your customers.

Propane water heaters are up to 30% less expensive to operate than electric water heaters and have a recovery rate nearly twice as fast as standard electric water heaters. A propane tank-less water heater costs approximately 60% less to operate than a standard electric unit while providing a continuous flow of hot water.

Electric cooktops and ovens take time to heat up and cool down. Propane provides instant heat - giving homeowners more precise temperature control and even heat distribution.

A propane clothes dryer saves time by delivering heat fast to dry clothes quickly and evenly. For optimal efficiency and economy, most models can sense when the clothes are dry and shut off automatically.

Outdoor appliances such as pool or hot tub heaters easily deliver all the benefits of propane - efficiency, economy, and convenience - for outdoor living at its best.

For more information on remodeling with propane appliances, contact the energy professionals at Dead River Company. We can advise on design, installation and servicing of propane heating systems, as well as recommend, install and service propane appliances.

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