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As a developer, you are constantly making important decisions: Where to purchase land. How much land to purchase. What type of housing to place on it. What amenities to offer your homeowners.

Among energy choices, propane stands out. By choosing propane, you can provide your customers with a viable and versatile alternative. In fact, because of its versatility, propane is used by millions of households each year. When incorporating an energy source in your design, propane is an economical choice that will also be attractive to new home buyers.

Worried about the aesthetics of a propane tank? Today, durable underground propane tanks are available in sizes that can serve a single house or a whole community. Combine these benefits with propane's versatility, reliability, and efficiency; it's no wonder why propane is one of the fastest-growing energy choices for developments across the country.

For more information on building with propane, contact Dead River Company. Our experienced energy professionals can advise on design, installation, and servicing of propane heating systems and appliances.

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