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A builder has a demanding job. Your customers expect creativity, practicality, and economical efficiencies in the homes you build. All reasons to consider propane when it's time to choose an energy source.

Curb appeal. Landscape aesthetics can be preserved with the installation of durable underground propane tanks.

Back-up energy source. Propane standby generators help homeowners quickly restore power in the event of power failure.

Versatility. For heating water, cooking meals, outdoor living or keeping a home warm and comfortable, propane is an ideal choice.

Energy efficiency. Propane appliances typically are far more efficient than their electric counterparts.

Environmentally friendly. Propane has long been recognized as a "green" energy. Using propane with low carbon content, homebuyers conserve energy and protect the environment - while enjoying the comfort and cost efficiency of their new home.

For more information on building with propane, contact Dead River Company. Our experienced energy professionals can advise on design, installation, and servicing of propane heating systems and appliances.

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